Hide Cracks, Chips and Stains with Your Franklin Square Cosmetic Dentist and Our Veneers

Have you been thinking about hiding a chipped, cracked, or stained tooth? With the help of dental veneers, our cosmetic dentist in Franklin Square can utilize this service to transform your smile into the one you've been imagining. Dental veneers are thin, custom-made shells that cover the front surface of your tooth. This is to improve the appearance of your tooth, as well as blend in well with your surrounding teeth. You can also utilize veneers if you're unhappy with the shape or size of your tooth.
Types of Veneers
There are two commonly used types of veneers that professionals like Dr. Grossmann offer - porcelain and composite resin. For a more durable, stain-resistant, and long-lasting option, porcelain veneers are the best choices for your smile. The properties of this material also help to create a very natural, organic look to the tooth. The second option, a composite resin veneer, while having a shorter lifespan are less expensive than porcelain. Porcelain veneers are also made in a laboratory, which results in having to visit our office for multiple visits to have them placed, whereas your composite resin veneers are applied directly to the teeth during your appointment.
When Should You Consider Dental Veneers?
We encourage you to talk to Dr. Grossmann about veneers if:
• Your teeth are stained, dimmed, or discolored
• Your teeth are crooked or misshapen
• Your teeth have spaces or gaps in between them
• Your teeth are visibly broken, chipped, or cracked
How It's Done
If you and Dr. Grossmann have mutually decided that veneers are the right choice for restoring your smile, you'll have multiple visits to our office - consultation, preparation, and official placement. The amount of visits will depend on your particular treatment, since no two smiles are the same!
Typically, during the first visit, there are three important steps that must be completed. The first step is for our cosmetic dentist in Franklin Square to prepare your teeth to be fitted for the veneer. This involves trimming a portion of the tooth so the veneer can be properly bonded on top/on the surface. After your tooth is proper trimmed, an impression is taken of your teeth that can be sent over to our laboratory so they can create your personalized porcelain veneer. In between this appointment and your next follow-up, you may receive a temporary veneer to protect your trimmed tooth while your personalized veneer is being prepared.
By your next visit, your temporary veneer will be removed if you received one. Dr. Grossmann will check the new veneer from the laboratory to see if it fits well. This is done before the veneer is bonded to your tooth since adjustment is much more difficult and dangerous to your smile after bonding. Once you and Dr. Grossmann are satisfied with the way the veneer looks, it'll officially be bonded to your tooth!
You'll be provided for aftercare instructions, if Dr. Grossmann had not previously provided you with it, and you'll finally be able to share your new smile to the world!
If you're interested in learning more about this procedure or you're ready to schedule your consultation, simply give Dr. Grossmann's office a call at (516) 825-8054 and our front desk staff will happily pick the best date and time that works for you.