Our Franklin Squa NY Dentist Utilizes Porcelain Crowns to Strengthen, Protect and Improve Your Smile

Dental crowns are an excellent way to improve the appearance of your smile. Crowns are custom-made to blend in seamlessly with your natural teeth and help you feel more confident than ever. A crown, also called a cap, is an artificial tooth that covers your existing tooth. It may be used to preserve or save a tooth that has been affected by disease, bacteria, or trauma. Consult with Dr. Grossmann, your Franklin Square NY dentist, to learn more about dental crowns. 
Dr. Grossmann may advise you to consider getting a crown if you suffer from any of the following conditions:
● A decayed tooth that needs to restoration
● A cracked tooth with a large cavity or worn filling
● Poor-fitting crown
● Root canal treated tooth
● Cosmetic hinderance
● Alignment issue with bite
Porcelain crowns are the most common because they provide patients with the most value for their investment. Porcelain crowns are extremely durable and look just like natural teeth. Our Franklin Square dentist will find a shade that is right for you and then recommend a plan for treatment. This type of crown is also the most expensive, though they will likely last a lifetime and never chip or show sign of wear if properly taken care of and maintained.
Metal crowns are not as common as other types of crowns due to its appearance. They are typically made from gold or other metals and are incredibly durable. However, because this crown is not a natural color, Dr. Grossmann typically recommends it for teeth in the back of your mouth. 
A composite resin crown also looks natural, though it is not as durable as porcelain or metal. Composite resin crowns are a more affordable option for restoring teeth, though they are subject to chip, break, and show signs of wear after longer periods of time. While this is a cheaper option, you will need to have this updated every few years.
Before receiving the custom crown, you’ll need to have your tooth prepared. Dr. Grossmann will first numb the area with a local anesthetic. The tooth will then be reshaped by grinding down any decay, damage, or injury. You will then have a mold taken of your tooth in order to create the custom crown. Dr. Grossmann will send the mold to a dental lab where they will create your crown over the next few weeks. You will be provided with a temporary crown to protect your tooth while your crown is being created.
After the crown is completed, you will need to come back in to have it attached to your tooth. This crown will then be cemented to your teeth and you will have a brand new smile! Our cosmetic dentist will fix any minor details that need adjustments and polish your tooth before you go. Be sure to inspect the crown and make sure you are completely satisfied with the look and feel of your tooth before you leave.
Dental crowns are an excellent way to help restore your smile both aesthetically and practically. If you would like to request more information about crowns in your area, call Dr. Grossmann, your cosmetic dentist in Franklin Square NY, today. You can reach our office at (516) 825-8054 and our front desk staff will assist in picking the best date and time for your appointment. We look forward to helping you restore your smile to its natural beauty!