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Restore an Infected Tooth with Root Canal Therapy

Pain and sensitivity in your teeth can sometimes be a sign of a serious infection. Dr. Eric Grossmann provides root canal therapy to save infected teeth, eliminate pain, and avoid the need for tooth extraction. We can address decay deep in the tooth root and replace the tooth with a durable and natural-looking crown

A member of the Academy of General Dentistry and the Franklin Square Study, Dr. Grossmann works hard to stay abreast of the latest innovations in dental treatments and technology through regular continued education. We provide quality care in a welcoming environment so that every patient feels like family at our Valley Stream, NY, office. 

Diagram demonstrating the different stages of a root canal procedure.

By removing the soft tissue from the innermost chamber of the affected tooth, Dr. Grossmann can eliminate the source of pain.

When is Root Canal Therapy Necessary?

Referred to colloquially as a "root canal", root canal therapy is a procedure that removes dental pulp from the inner chamber or root canal of an infected tooth. Such infections are often the result untreated cavities, caries, or tooth cracks which allow bacteria to make their way into the nerve and soft tissue inside a tooth. In order to eliminate the resulting pain and preserve the natural tooth, dentists remove the soft tissue and seal off the canal. 

Signs that may indicate you need a root canal include:

  • Persistent pain in a tooth
  • Increased sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Swelling around a tooth
  • Pain with pressure

Because infection in one tooth can easily spread to neighboring teeth, it is important to seek treatment as soon as possible.

The Procedure

Though many people believe that root canal therapy is quite uncomfortable, it is often relatively painless. However, we still take every measure possible to minimize your discomfort during and after the procedure.

During your appointment, Dr. Grossmann must first numb your teeth and gums to make sure you are comfortable. He can then create a small hole in the tooth, through which he can remove the infected tissue and dental pulp. After extracting this tissue, Dr. Grossmann can fill the space with gutta-percha material before sealing it off to protect it against future infection.

Root canal therapy is a reliable way to stop tooth pain and prevent future infections.

Once your tooth is trimmed down and prepared for a temporary restoration, we can take digital impressions of your teeth and send them to our trusted off-site dental lab or our on-site dental technician. From these measurements, they can craft a dental crown that is tailored to your smile within a week of your appointment. At this time, we can schedule a final appointment for Dr. Grossmann to place the finished restoration, make any necessary adjustments, and cement it to the tooth.

Restoration Options

Our office is proud to provide patients with restorations of the highest quality, designed for precise, comfortable fits and a lifelike appearance. We use long-lasting porcelain, zirconia, and IPS e.max® materials that are matched to the exact shade of your surrounding teeth so that your smile looks as natural as it feels.

Eliminate Tooth Pain Today

Root canal therapy is a reliable way to stop tooth pain and prevent future infections. To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment, please contact us online or call us at (516) 825-8054.

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"Dr. Grossmann is the dentist I always wish I had – calm, caring and extremely gentle. Having a Dentist with these mannerisms is very important to me, and as a patient, I couldn’t be happier."

- Debra Lindman

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