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Smile Confidently Again with Dental Implants and Restorations

If you have severely damaged or missing teeth, Dr. Eric Grossmann restores dental implants for patients in Valley Stream, NY. Coordinating closely with local oral surgeons, we can provide patients with a full range of restorative options, including dentures, bridges, and dental crowns

With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Grossmann is dedicated to improving patients' oral health and enhancing their smiles with the latest innovations in dental techniques and technology. We treat our patients like family, working hard to create a welcoming environment where you can receive quality dental solutions that will last for years to come.

3-D illustration comparing dental implant to natural teeth.

Like your natural smile, dental implants are placed directly into the jawbone so that they are as stable and strong as the original tooth.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are among the most powerful restorative options available for your teeth. Unlike traditional crowns, bridges, and dentures, they do not sit on top of the gums or teeth but are directly rooted into the jawbone. Consequently, they stimulate the bone tissue in a similar way to your natural smile and can halt and even reverse jawbone recession. In addition to boosting overall oral health, restored bone can minimize the appearance of sunken cheeks and maintain your facial structure. 

The Process of Placing Restorations

Although Dr. Grossmann and his team do not place implants, they can coordinate your treatment with a trusted oral surgeon. During your initial consultation, Dr. Grossmann will ask about your goals for the procedure and medical history before evaluating your smile in a brief oral examination.

If implants are appropriate for your needs, he can then take a series of digital impressions of your mouth to serve as the basis for your restorations. He will also determine whether you require any preparatory procedures to improve your chances of success, like a bone graft, sinus lift, or tooth extraction.

During implant placement surgery, a specialist surgically places a titanium post into the jawbone. Once it has fully integrated with the bone, this implant serves as the support for your restoration. The process of integration typically takes about three to six months, at which point Dr. Grossmann can place your permanent restoration and makes any final adjustments to ensure a comfortable, stable fit. 

Implant-supported Restorations

We provide patients with a wide variety of restorative options and will work with you to determine which is best-suited to your goals, budget, and lifestyle. We offer:

  • Dental Crowns: These custom-fitted caps are designed to replace individual teeth and are among the most affordable restorative options. 
  • Dental Bridges: Made up of two to three artificial teeth, these restorations can replace several consecutive missing teeth with only one to two implants. 
  • Dentures: These prosthetics can replace up to an entire arch of teeth and are typically anchored with only a few implants in order to preserve the jawbone as much as possible. 

Our on-site technician has over 20 years of experience and creates beautiful, lifelike porcelain restorations for the front teeth. For other restorations, we work with a trusted off-site dental laboratory to customize pieces made of quality porcelain, zirconia, or IPS e.max®. All of our restorative options are designed to look and feel as natural as possible, so you can eat comfortably, speak clearly, and smile confidently for years to come.

Strengthen Your Smile Once More

Dental implants are a reliable, long-lasting option for replacing severely damaged and missing teeth. Contact us online or call us at (516) 825-8054 to speak to learn more about our options or to schedule an appointment.

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"Dr. Grossmann is the dentist I always wish I had – calm, caring and extremely gentle. Having a Dentist with these mannerisms is very important to me, and as a patient, I couldn’t be happier."

- Debra Lindman

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