Tips to Ensure a Healthy Smile from Our Valley Stream Dental Care Team

Many of us know to get a professional dental cleaning every six months, but why exactly is it important? Some people believe that brushing and flossing regularly is enough and that they can push off getting a dental cleaning until a more convenient time arises, but then that time gets further and further away. However, dental cleanings are an essential component to proper Valley Stream dental care! Our team wants to teach you about dental cleanings so that you can better understand why they are so important for your smile.
Brushing is NOT Enough
While brushing twice daily is important, it is not enough to protect our teeth and gums from the harmful effects of plaque and tartar. Throughout the day and while we sleep, bacteria and plaque build up on the surface of our teeth. Brushing regularly helps remove a lot of this plaque, but not all of it. Flossing before bed removes some plaque and food debris from harder-to-reach areas, but even that is not enough to completely remove plaque. 
Remove Plaque & Tartar
Plaque that stays on the surface and in the crevices of our teeth go on to become tartar. Tartar is a hard substance that contributes to dental decay and gum disease. This is dangerous because tartar can only be removed by a dentist. Our experts at our Valley Stream dental care office will perform the process of "scaling" to remove tartar from your smile. This process uses a special tool to safely scrape tartar off of your teeth without damaging your enamel. Without regular dental cleanings, tartar lingers on teeth and causes all kinds of oral health issues. 
Prevent Oral Health Issues
Our smile is a window into our overall health. Many conditions in the body have connections to our oral health and may show signs in the gums, throat, teeth, and neck. Many people wouldn't ecognize an oral health issue if they were experiencing one because they may not recognize anything out of the ordinary.
At your regular dental cleaning, we perform a full examination and go over your medical records to see if you've had any changes or if you have any abnormalities. We will also use this opportunity to take x-rays and update your medical records with any changes. The best way to treat a dental emergency is to prevent one from happening in the first place. Part of that prevention is coming to visit our Valley Stream dental care facility to have a full dental cleaning and examination.
Save Thousands
Dental emergencies can be incredibly expensive, especially if you catch them too late. Depending on the type of situation, you may even have to explore restorative dental options to repair your smile, which can be difficult to financially manage.
One way to help reduce your risk for experiencing a dental emergency is to maintain a healthy smile. Many dental emergencies are not optional when it comes to treatment. For example, a dental abscess can be fatal if left untreated, but it is a very preventable condition. Instead of waiting until you have a very painful and expensive problem on your hands, simply schedule a cleaning every six months to protect yourself. By being proactive about your dental care, you are saving yourself from a lot of hassle, pain, and expenses.
If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment for your routine dental cleaning, simply give our Valley Stream dental care office a call at (516) 825-8054 and our front desk staff will happily assist you in picking the best date and time for your visit.